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Brand Explorer Workshops

Where discoveries, epiphanies, breakthroughs and "Ah-a's!" happen.

The Brand Explorer Workshop is an intimate and holistic brand discovery workshop that uncovers your brand's vision, unique personality, customer motivations, positioning, and so much more. Designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind, these sessions contain no pressure and no homework. Because the goals and objectives of a small business or solopreneur can differ from a larger company I offer two different variations of the same workshop.

Mini Explorer Workshop for solopreneurs, or consultants

A 3-hour sprint diving into the aspects of your personal brand or business that are most meaningful to you.

Corporate Explorer Workshop for companies or start-ups

A 3-day engagement covering both internal and external aspects of your brand. Sessions are held once a week for 3 weeks. Each session is 3 hours long.

If you’re feeling scattered and overwhelmed with where to start with your business identity, start with a map and a plan.

The Brand Explorer Workshop.

Hand Drawn Customer Connect Image
You'll know how to connect to your customer.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to promoting your business. The Brand Explorer Workshop is designed to give you clarity on every aspect of your brand so you can build a consistent visual and verbal message every single time.

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You'll know what to say, making your marketing easy.

Once we craft your brand personality, voice, and positioning your messaging and visual communications are a snap. With this clear understanding, you'll know how to communicate with your audience. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to is key.

Editable document icon image
You'll have an editable Brand Workbook to help you evolve in the future.

Your vision, mission, and positioning may change as your business evolves. Your strategy workbook is editable so that you can review, assess, iterate, and share your discoveries with your team as your business changes and grows.

Process & Deliverables

What to Expect
Kickoff Discovery Meeting

This meeting is approx. 30 min.

  • We'll connect on a discovery call to briefly chat about your business and go over your thoughts about what you want to get out of the workshop and whether it will be held in person or in a Zoom meeting.

  • We will establish a date and time for the workshop.

The Workshop

We'll uncover aspects of your brand that will help to form a picture of not only how it will be expressed in the real world (ie: the logo, the website, social media, and other marketing collateral) but how it can be used to guide future messaging and to internally motivate and inspire team members. This process is conversational in nature and we'll use Figma's Jam digital whiteboard along with other tangible exercises to facilitate ideas and thoughts.

  • Know Who You Are — We start off the workshop exploring your brand core: Your values, vision, mission, and personality. 

  • Know What You Do — The second part of the workshop is dedicated to uncovering what your offer is, what sets you apart, and your competitors/category.

  • Know Who You Help — During this phase, we will find your ideal customer, learn about their motivations and emotional states and uncover the impact you or your offer can make in their lives.

  • Know Why It Matters — The final phase explores your promise to your customer, your purpose in the world, and the position you want to hold in the mind of your customer.

The Wrap Up
  • I'll collect our findings and organize them into an editable PDF workbook for you. This workbook is intended to be used as a map for both your creative and marketing strategies. It's good practice to review bi-annually to ensure your brand messaging and visual messaging are consistent.

  • If a logo or full Brand Identity need to be developed at this stage I'm more than happy to provide an estimate for that. I understand that many companies prefer to have their in-house creative take over as well. It's totally up to you.

What clients are saying about the Brand Explorer Workshop...
Quotation marks icon image
I loved Krista's enthusiasm with our responses. It encouraged me to really open up and not be fearful of a wrong answer or silly thought. The Mad Libs approach to the vision section was a super cool and playful way to get at an important exercise.
~ Mary Grebitus, Realtor
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