A little bit about me...

I’ve run 100 miles through the Siskyous, slept under the stars in Desolation Wilderness, skied down Shasta, and SUPed and kayaked the glassy waters of my local lake. My passion for the outdoors is only surpassed by my passion for design. But not by much.

Developing a passion for photography and art in high school culminated in the completion of my bachelor of fine arts degree in photography from San Jose State University in 1998. Much to the chagrin of my more traditional photography professors, I was one of the first students to present "digital photographs" as my body of work for my BFA degree. The idea of digital photography was such a wild concept at the time that, shortly after graduating, I was asked to exhibit my work in the lobby of the Gartner Group — a large information technology research company in Silicon Valley. I was one of the few photographers/artists exploring the digital medium at the time. Thinking back on it now, makes me giggle. I had no idea how much the industry was changing. 


I had an amazing opportunity to further pursue a certificate program in graphic design while working at a small communications firm in Silicon Valley after graduating, leading me to eventually open my own creative studio on my own. I worked for copyrighters, venture capitalists, startups, and medical technology companies. I honed my skills in designing corporate identities, logos, brochures, menus, direct mail pieces, product packaging, labels, signage, illustration, and even websites.

I am filled with genuine gratitude for being able to do what I love for a living. I focus on the industry that brings me the most joy - the Outdoor Industry. In addition, I have re-focused my skills on brand consulting, strategy, and visual identity design not only because its my passion but because branding has the ability to create a huge impact in the world. As a former ultrarunner, avid backpacker, skier, paddleboarder, and general outdoor enthusiast I believe the outdoor industry is a powerful force for education, conservation, health, and wellness. Many of these companies provide enough stoke to inspire the entire planet while others truly are changing the world. I am honored to help these businesses move the needle toward success.



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