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The Process

All the details on how we can collaborate



I like to get to know my clients in an official face-to-face meeting, zoom or phone call. The purpose of this introductory chat is to get to know your business, your branding/design needs, and determine if we are a good fit professionally. I'll answer all your curious questions about me, my services, my process, project lead times, policies, or other inquiries during this meeting, but hopefully you won't have too many of those since a lot of those answers are right here! It's a super casual meeting where we can just flim the flam.


I like to provide a thorough estimate that may include several pricing options depending on the project. This generally happens immediately following our first face-to-face meeting or phone call but shouldn't be any longer than 2-3 days.


Once you review and approve your estimate, I'll send over a full master services contract (MSA) and statement of work (SOW) in PDF format via email. These will require digital signatures and need to be sent back in order to begin your project along with ⅓ deposit. There may be certain cases (such as ongoing projects) when an approval for an estimate or statement of work is only needed to move forward with your project. 

I generally bill for design projects in thirds - ⅓ as deposit, ⅓ upon approval of a preliminary concept and then the final ⅓ upon completion of your project. For workshops I bill for 50% when we schedule a workshop and the final 50% at the end of the engagement.


(In cases where research and discovery is needed prior to beginning a project, a follow-up meeting in person or via Zoom or WebEx can be scheduled at this stage.)

Project Timelines

Estimated timelines will be outlined in the estimate/contract and will be predicated on client's timeliness for providing any graphics, copy, resources or feedback in order to begin the project. 

How I work


If applicable, I may present a moodboard or stylescape prior to developing preliminary deliverables. Depending on the type of project I'm working on for you I may present work online in a virtual presentation using Zoom or I may use online project management and organization platforms such as Freedcamp, Figma, Pinterest, or Asana depending on which tool is most useful and efficient for the project. I may provide you with a PDF or video presentation of your preliminary concepts or project updates.


Workshops are flexible and depend on the size of the company. Larger workshops generally take a total of 3 days (3 hour sessions each) to complete. Smaller workshops can be completed in approxiately 3 hours. These meetings are with the founding members/stakeholders and I prefer to limit the size of these events to 5 key people maximum. Learn more about my workshops

Finalizing Projects

Once projects have been approved by you all deliverables will be sent via email. In cases where files are too large for email a link will be sent to download files from my server at If I'm feeling especially sassy and organized, I may provide a dedicated landing page with links and information regarding all your deliverables instead. Don't hold your breath, though. Sometimes life gets a little crazy for me.

For websites, information regarding domains, hosting, passwords, login credentials, content management, and maintenance tutorials or other pertinent information will be sent via email (or provided in a much-too-organized landing page... again) upon launching your finalized website.



My prices are fixed fee prices for all projects and engagements. Any work that goes beyond the original scope is billed at my hourly rate which is included in the master contract.


I can take cash, check, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, American Express and Discover. I send all my invoices through Waveapps online.


In the event a client needs or wants to cancel a project at any point during development a written request via email is needed. All deposits are non-refundable and clients are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred prior to the date of termination.


Information regarding rights and ownership will be outlined in the estimate/contract. For logos, you will own all rights to the finished artwork. I will retain rights of ownership of any template designs, illustrations, patterns, icons, mock-ups, or other assets I use to create and present your project as well as any stock, fonts or other resources I purchase for use in final deliverables. I also retain rights to use your project in my portfolios, market my services, or submit in any contests. Basically, you own the rights to the finished piece. I own the rights to all the pieces that I used to build your finished piece and to brag about it. 


I do not provide parts or pieces of a project separate from the final format provided in the final deliverables (ie: rejected concepts, icons, graphics, patterns, fonts, raw files, photos, or presentation mock-ups) unless otherwise stated in the contract. I can provide links to download and purchase fonts or other assets that require a separate license fee. Should you need individual graphics or assets separated from the final deliverable I'm more than happy to provide whatever it is you need. Just holler and we can negotiate terms for those pieces. 


There is a 14 day grace period after the completion and delivery of the project deliverables where the client has an opportunity to submit small revisions and changes within the scope of the project.


I always try to be available for my clients for questions or concerns they may have regarding their projects. I believe in open communication and transparency. If you ever need to chat about your project, please reach out. I'm only a phone call or email away.




My preferred method of contact is email. Feel free to contact me anytime. I will usually get back to you within the day or within 48 hours at the most. I don't answer calls or texts after 5pm. I don't use social media for main communication. If you would like to get in touch with me email is the best way.

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