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FAQs about my brand identity and workshop services

Peruse my list of commonly asked questions about my logo identity projects and Brand Explorer Workshops. If you still can't find an answer feel free to reach out. I'm here to help.


How much does a logo cost?

I have general pricing for brand identity projects listed here but feel free to reach out if you want me to quote on your specific project.


How much does a workshop cost?

I offer two versions of my Brand Explorer Workshop - one for smaller business/consultants and another for larger companies. You can find pricing for those here.

How do payments work?
For design projects such as brand identity design and logo design I require ⅓ deposit, ⅓ on approval of accepted design concept, and the final ⅓ at the end of the project.

For Workshops, I require 50% deposit when we schedule the engagement and the other 50% after the final workshop session.

Can I pay for your services in installments?
I really try to make my design/workshop services accessible to most businesses. If you would like to set up a payment plan to pay for your project, please reach out to me so we can work something out.

How Brand Identity Projects Work

How long will a brand identity project take to complete?

My Identity Builder Package usually takes around 4-8 weeks. A single Logo Design project can take 3-6 weeks.

What's the difference between a Logo Design Package and the Brand Builder Package?

The Logo Design Package only includes the logo in the final deliverables It does NOT include any other branding assets such as patterns, secondary palettes, brand guide, or business cards. It also allows for 3 revisions of the chosen concept, rather than 5 revisions in the Brand Builder.

How do logo revisions work?
Revisions are the number of changes I make to your chosen design direction (I usually present 3 design directions to choose from.) Your chosen design direction is your preliminary design that we will finesse and finalize.

Can I get a vector file for my logo?
Absolutely! I provide all logos in the raw Adobe illustrator vector format with the fonts outlined so that you won't need to install the font to view your logo. I will provide links to the font if you would like to purchase and download it for use in your marketing collateral.
Will I be able to get my logo on a business card?
Yes. My Brand Builder package includes business card design and 250 printed cards. If you are just getting a single logo with my Logo Design package, I can provide a quote for business cards along with the logo quote. Just let me know in our first meeting and I will be sure to include that cost.

How Brand Explorer Workshops Work

Do I have to complete a Brand Explorer Workshop for you to create my brand identity?

No. A Brand Explorer Workshop is highly recommended though as it is a thorough exploration of the foundation for your brand and business. Your Workbook that you will receive at the end is something that you can not only iterate on in the future, but it's a valuable resource for vendors and employees to understand the essence of your brand and why you are in business.

Can we do a Brand Explorer Workshop over Zoom?

Of course! I can do workshops in person or remotely.

Who should attend the Corporate Explorer Workshop?
The more people involved, the longer it will take to get through the key areas of a workshop so I would recommend only key stakeholders attend the longer workshop with a maximum of 5 people being optimal. It’s best to have founders and head marketing individuals participate.

Can we do a shorter session for the Mini Explorer Workshop?
I’m afraid not. Since there's a lot to cover in regards to your business, its customer, competition, values, attributes, and personality the 3-hour session is the minimum time it will take us to get through all the key areas of the workshop.

Hiring a Graphic Designer (or Brand Designer)

What's the difference between a graphic designer and a brand identity designer?

Graphic designers tend to be "jack-of-all-trades" in the design industry. Many graphic designers will help you create a multitude of projects from signage, brochure layout or social media posts as well as logo design. Brand designers are graphic designers who specialize in the business/branding side of graphic design. These designers dedicate their time to learning about the business and its fundamentals like brand strategy in order to develop a cohesive system that can include graphics, logos, brand assets, branding guides, illustrations, icons, and styles associated with the business or brand identity as a whole.

I’m not sure what a brand “asset” is. Can you please explain?
A brand asset is any art or specific brand detail that supports the overall style or expression of the brand. In terms of design, this could be things such as icons, illustrations, colors, fonts, video, photography, mock-ups, or even copywriting.

Will I own full rights to the logo?
Yes. When I create logos and identities they are original work and not purchased stock graphics like many cheaper designers will use so your logo will be legally your own unique mark.

Why would I pay $2500 for a logo when I can hire someone else to make me one for $50?
I’m afraid we aren’t a good fit. I offer agency-level work without the agency price tag, but that doesn't mean every business can afford that. I try my best to make my services affordable by offering payment plans, but I understand that some businesses just want a cheap logo. I create brand identities (not just logos) that are strategic and intentional based on your specific business. My 20+ years in the business has given me the skills to be able to understand how to not only craft a beautiful logo but develop a meaningful, holistic, and effective brand identity as well. If you're just getting your business off the ground and don't have money to invest in your branding hiring a cheaper designer to create your single logo is definitely an option for you.
How can you ensure that I will like my logo?
There’s a lot of research that goes into designing your logo. Much of that research is collaborative. I will ask you for examples of design styles you think might work well for your logo, but I will want to know who your competition is, who your ideal or current customer is, and I’ll need to get a sense of your brand personality and how you want to be perceived. From there I'll create a mood board or stylescape to show you style direction. Many of my design decisions are based on the strategic aspects (often uncovered in my Brand Explorer Workshops) rather than your personal preference, but I’m confident that we will arrive at something that accurately represents your business and that you will be proud of in the end.

Other Burning Questions from Clients

What if my business is not in the outdoor or recreation industry? Will you still design my logo?

It depends. I have designed logos and created branding for salons, medical technology companies, car washes, wineries, and engineers. While most of my work comes from the outdoor industry these days (because its a big part of who I am and a huge passion of mine) I am more than happy to discuss your branding or logo project with you to see if we might be a good fit. If we aren’t, I can refer you to someone who is.

I heard you use to design websites? Can you create a website for my business?
While I have now chosen to focus my expertise on branding alone I will take on single page small business websites from time to time depending on the project. I also have the ability to work with other developers and designers if needed so if you need a website built we can discuss your needs and I can help steer you in the right direction.

What if I’m not located in Rocklin or even California? Will you still work on my branding project?
Absolutely! Thanks to the internet, branding and design services can be delivered to you regardless of your location. I typically present brand identities through a Zoom presentation and we can complete revisions and changes through email correspondence or small video presentations sent through email.

We have a logo and our branding is strong, but we need more color options to add to our brand palette. Do you do brand color consults?
Absolutely! If you need a secondary palette for apps or other assets I can provide supporting color options that will work with your current branding.
I've heard you do “special work.” Do you work with Non-Profits?
I have worked with non-profits in the past on logo and branding projects and thoroughly enjoyed those engagements. If you have a low to no-budget volunteer organization and need help with your brand identity please contact me about my special services for volunteer organizations.

What clients are saying about the Brand Explorer Workshop...
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This is way, way, way, beyond value expected. The meticulous planning coupled with the easy flow and the jam structure made it easy to focus on the tasks and it felt like we were having a conversation rather than completing work deliverables.
~ Dave Saunders, PAVA
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