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Brand Identity

Where the magic happens.

Brand Identity is the strategic creative development of your logo, supporting assets, typography, color, and graphics. Pricing for brand identity can vary widely especially if you hire an agency which can run anywhere from $10,000-$50,000+. My 20+ years of design and branding experience gives my work agency-level quality without the agency-level cost. Optimally, I like to have completed the Brand Explorer Workshop for my clients first, but if you already have a creative strategy in place or have a solid vision of your brand that works too.

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Custom Package

This custom package is based on your current needs. Maybe you already have a logo but need to breathe life into your brand with supporting assets like a secondary palette or patterns. Maybe you just need business cards, a website, or a brochure. Whatever your needs are let's chat. I'll be able to put together a custom package that fits.

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Identity Builder

This solid, but basic identity package is strategically focused on the most important elements you need to push your brand out into the world.

  • Short Brand Exploration included (call/meeting) to discuss your brand personality, positioning and customers.

  • Up to 3 Logo concepts presented with up to 5 revisions.

  • Full color (CMYK), Web (HEX), PMS (Pantone color match) single color, reverse black and white logos in .AI (vector), .PNG, .JPG formats provided.​

  • Secondary color palette (CMYK, HEX) 

  • Supporting asset (icon, pattern, or other element) that can be used for brand recognition in digital or print formats.

  • Abbreviated logo formats provided for social profiles.​

  • Brand Guide included with suggested use and formats, color and typography. Great to provide vendors.

  • 250 qty business cards

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Logo Design

If you are ready to get started with a sparkling new logo I can help! Whether you have a brand strategy in place (see my Brand Explorer Workshop) or not I will work with you to craft a meaningful mark for your company or small business.

  • Short Discovery session included (call/meeting) to determine project scope and needs.

  • Up to 3 Logo concepts presented with up to 3 revisions.

  • Full color (CMYK), Web (HEX), PMS (Pantone color match) single color, reverse black and white logos in vector .AI formats, .PNG, .JPG formats provided.

  • Abbreviated logo formats provided for social profiles.

  • Single Page Summary included with specifications for your logo colors and typography. Great to provide vendors.

What clients are saying about their Brand Identity...

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There are a lot of graphic designers out there. You can submit bids and find the cheapest one available. Or you could hire someone like Krista that understands it's not enough for your branding to look good. She will make sure her designs are tailored to your target demographics and convey the traits of your product or service. For me, I needed graphic design that was tailored to brides and conveyed weddings with rustic beauty. Krista did that very well. Her service was also impeccable!

~ James Goldstein, Wildwood Media

Uncover Your Brand’s Personality Formula

Take The Archetype Quiz to Reveal Your Brand’s Personality!

Brand Personality Archetype Wheel

A brand archetype is essentially a shorthand way of connecting with your ideal customer. By leveraging the power of your brand's archetype, you can craft more meaningful marketing messages and develop a creative strategy that speaks directly to the psychological needs and desires of your target audience.

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