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‘Know Who You Are’ Brand Personality Quick Course Workshop

About This Workshop

Define Your Brand with Wild Intention and Purpose Welcome to ‘Know Who You Are’ Brand Strategy Quick Course Workshop, designed for the heart-led small business owner and the spirited entrepreneur in the Outdoor Recreation and Health & Wellness sectors. If you're navigating the maze of creating your brand, its logo, and authentic messaging, or just defining your business’ purpose and vision for the future, this workshop helps you set a clearly defined foundational strategy that truly reflects your business and what you stand for. WHAT YOU'LL GAIN FROM THIS WORKSHOP Self-Paced Brand Discovery • Engage with my videos at your own pace • Uncover actionable insights into your values, vision, mission, brand attributes, tone of voice, personality and more Brand Personality Archetype Quiz • Get Immediate insights into your primary and secondary archetypes • Uncover personality aspects strategically designed to position your brand in the mind of your customer • Discover your brands color palette, vibe, and, style • Uncover communication strategies for connecting with your customer or audience Strategic Branding Workbook • Insights you enter into the digital workbook serve as your strategic action plan for your brand. • This editable plan can be updated as needed with new insights and shared with vendors and collaborators. Ready to uncover the heart and soul of your brand with wild intention ? Request to join today!

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