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‘Know Who You Are’ Brand Explorer Workshop

About This Workshop

Are you a heart-led small business owner or a spirited entrepreneur striving to create a brand that truly reflects your vision and values? The ‘Know Who You Are’ Brand Explorer Workshop is designed to address your biggest branding challenges. What You Will Gain • <b>Solve the Problem of Inconsistency</b> - Are you struggling with inconsistent branding? This workshop will help you create a cohesive brand identity that aligns with your vision. • Clarify Your Brand’s Personality - Do you find it hard to define your brand’s personality? Gain insights into your personality archetype, helping you create a distinct and unique brand identity. • Design with Purpose - Is your logo and visual identity not reflecting your brand's essence? Receive guidance on the elements that truly capture your brand’s identity. • Build a Strategic Foundation - Unsure about your brand’s future direction? Set a clear path for growth with a strategic foundation that supports your long-term goals. Ready to uncover the heart and soul of your brand with wild intention ? Click to get started!

What You Can Expect



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Gain Confidence and Direction

Feel supported and informed as you follow a clear, structured path to building your brand, helping you make confident, informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Your Vision

Gain valuable insights to effectively communicate your purpose and vision, ensuring your brand truly represents your business and its values.

Achieve Consistency and Clarity

The "Know Who You Are" Brand Explorer Workshop helps you develop a unified brand voice and visual identity that makes all your marketing materials feel cohesive and professional, giving you confidence in every piece you create.

Simplify The “Brand Strategy” Process

Save time and reduce stress with my easy-to-follow, expert-led guidance and interactive workbook, allowing you to achieve valuable insights without the overwhelm of having to figure it all out yourself.


Sneek a peek inside the workshop…


Discover why every business has a brand by default and how a solid foundation makes all the difference. Watch this video to learn more. 


Bob Glasgow
RSG Structural Engineers

I realized I did things backwards when I created my logo. Now I’m trying to find meaning in my logo and how it relates to our final position statement. I know everything we did was very important to the entire process. I do not feel any time was wasted at all.

Jennifer Zehnder
Mindful Space & Flow

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. Krista’s expertise and direct approach helped me uncover the unique aspects of my brand’s identity. The Is/Is Not exercise and Archetypes were extremely valuable exercises to complete for my business.”

Chirag Mehta
Nimble Minds, LLC

Krista's 'Know Who You Are' workshop was transformative, boosting our confidence and providing a clear branding roadmap. Its self-paced format and practical tools, like the Brand Explorer Workbook, allowed for seamless integration of branding concepts.


I’ll provide the map and plan. You fill in the blanks.


I'll provide comprehensive tools and guidance to build your brand from the ground up utilizing my Brand Explorer Workbook and my free consultation call.


FREE 30 Minute Consultation + Brand Archetype Quiz + Interactive Workbook Included

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