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Krista Cavender

Chief Imagination Officer

I'm Krista. A visual branding specialist and graphic designer. I'm passionate about helping businesses in the outdoor industry craft quality, recognizable brands that build trust and customer loyalty. You may not need an agency yet, but you deserve to work with a real life design partner who understands your business. Let's collaborate!

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Are you an Outdoor, Health, or Fitness Company?

I create logos and build identities for clients from all over the globe who sell a variety of products and services, but aligning my passion of the outdoors, health, and fitness with my love for all things branding is my absolute favorite kind of work. If you are an outdoor, health, or fitness company I would love to work with you! Let's chat.

The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal. It is to find and fully use our own gifts.

-Gay Hendricks, PHD.

The Big Leap


I opened my first boutique design firm more than a decade ago while living in the Silicon Valley. I've created logos and brand identities for venture capitalists, technology start-ups, race management companies, gyms, and health/wellness businesses. I have a depth of knowledge that encompasses a spectrum of expertise from marketing and branding development to illustration, color, packaging, social media, and websites. I'm an ultra runner, backpacker, paddle boarder, and heavy lifter. In my free time I do pen and ink drawings and nap in hammocks at high alpine lakes. I'm a people person by nature who's a solid flim-flammer. Oh and I should mention... I’ve got wicked megaphone skills.

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Kudos from Clients


Jess Ditto
Cascade RV

It has been a dream working with Krista on my business' branding project. The whole process was professional, well-organized, and the design was completed ahead of schedule. I could not be more pleased with the final result and am so excited to unveil our new look! I highly recommend Krista, she is a true artist.


Kelly Stimbert
Dignity Box

Working with Krista has been amazing. I came into my project having an idea in  my head, but not a design or really an idea of how to Brand my new venture. I have been thrilled with the design work, the colors, the attention to detail, the communication – everything has been great. Not only is she very organized, she is very professional, gives great advice and everything Krista has done for me has been done before it was due. Krista is taking my project from just an idea, all the way through to my website design – I highly recommend Krista, her ideas are amazing and when she puts the design together, everything flows, a true beautiful artist, Thank you Krista for all the you have done to make my new business a reality!  


Gail Pugh
Aloha Hemp

We were looking for a Designer to re-brand our Aloha Hemp CBD business and she nailed it! She went into every detail from researching our competition, market analysis, target demographics, key emotions, words, color exploration, custom artwork, and more! She also met our deadlines along the way. We look forward to continued projects with her.

It's all about the communication.

Don't be afraid to reach out even if it's just to ask what I ate for breakfast. I love people.

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