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Alex the Arborist
Logo & Branding

The Opportunity

Alex Conheim offers certified and licensed arboricultural services. Alex’s unique abilities allow him to tackle challenging jobs that require unique athletic skills and experience as well as extensive arboricultural knowledge. The business identity should support Alex’s personal integrity, strength, and professionalism. 

The Solution

To create a peaceful, balanced brand that instills trust, matches the price point of the product, and reflects the tropical home of the company. It was vital that the logo mark work well on everything from a 1 oz. dropper label to large signage.

What clients are saying about the Brand Explorer Workshop...
This is way, way, way, beyond value expected. The meticulous planning coupled with the easy flow and the jam structure made it easy to focus on the tasks and it felt like we were having a conversation rather than completing work deliverables.
~ Dave Saunders, PAVA
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