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Gold Discovery Park Association Branding

The Opportunity

Gold Discovery Park Association was in need of a cohesive identity that displayed it's connection to the history of discovery and educational experiences that the association provides its visitors at Marshall Gold State Historic Park. They wanted to steer away from the cliché gold panning miner, picks and shovels, and the mill.

The Solution

A unique and meaningful brand identity was developed from initial strategy. Because the concept of illuminating discovery was an important aspect of the organization it needed to be represented in a deeper and more strategic way than the cliché miner with pick axe and shovel. This design incorporates a radiant gleam of gold at the bottom of a mineshaft. These symbols together with a solid but friendly typeface come together to form a timeless, bespoke mark that is not only simple and memorable but elevates the association to it's archetypal higher self, The Sage.

What clients are saying about their Logo Design Projects...
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It's hard to leave anything but a 5-star, glowing review for Krista and the services she provides. I appreciate all the time, thought, and effort that went into our logo design. Her designs were well researched and extremely well thought out! Krista's process was very straight forward, and she was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any branding / design needs!
~ Denise Karapinar, Gold Discovery Park Association
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