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Canyon Honey Doula Services

The Opportunity

I saw a key opportunity to carve out a unique space for Canyon Honey Doula Services in a health and wellness market saturated with similar visual identities. Competitors leaned heavily on muted pastels and intricate, feminine designs. This landscape presented a chance to differentiate Canyon Honey Doula Services by embracing and communicating a more empowering narrative of birth. Rooted in the Innocent archetype, the brand needed to convey trust, purity, and optimism, while also drawing from the Magician archetype to highlight the transformative, empowering journey of birth, appealing to those seeking an experience marked by inner strength and resilience.

The Solution

My solution was a bold, empowering brand identity that harmoniously blended the Innocent and Magician archetypes. The rich, earthy tones of terra cotta and deep green were chosen to evoke growth, wisdom, and grounded empowerment, aligning with the Magician's transformative power. Gold accents brought in the warmth and optimism associated with the Innocent archetype. Classic typography was employed to reinforce trust and safety, resonating with the Innocent's purity. This strategic blend of color, typography, and archetypal imagery successfully set Canyon Honey Doula Services apart, positioning it as a unique, empowering presence in a traditionally gentle market.

Canyon Honey Doula Moodboard Image
Canyon Honey Doula Open Hands concept with diamond in between

What clients are saying about their Branding & Design Projects...

Quotation Marks Image
It has been a dream working with Krista on my business' branding project. The whole process was professional, well-organized, and the design was completed ahead of schedule. I could not be more pleased with the final result and am so excited to unveil our new look! I highly recommend Krista, she is a true artist.
~ Jess Ditto, Cascade RV
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