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From Vision to Recognition - The VantageView Logo Made It to DesignRush’s Best Symbol Logo Designs

Logo designs moodboard for VantageView Landscaping Serivces

My VantageView logo design has caught the eye of DesignRush, a leading B2B marketplace connecting businesses with design agencies, and is now featured as one of the best symbol logo designs on the organization’s website.

The Backstory

When a white glove landscaping business reached out to me to design their logo, they were looking for a brand identity that could truly embody their ethos of sophistication and care in landscape maintenance for a local affluent community in Northern California. They needed a symbol that spoke to their premium services in a way that separated them from the other landscape companies in the area.

Taking cues from the premium boutique hotel space, I crafted a sophisticated, but flexible mark that would stand out in a sea of tree and leaf logos.

Vantage View Landscaping Services Logo Design
The Creative Process

I dove in, taking the essence of VantageView's philosophy and knitting it into a visual form. Sophisticated and upscale typography was chosen that exuded refinement and elegance. This typography choice not only captured the brand's essence but also showcased their commitment to excellence. The incorporation of delicate hand-drawn florals paired with a double "V" mark in the logo design became an emblem of their meticulous care and provided an alternative logo option for social profiles and other media. Lastly, the earthy color scheme, highlighted by terracotta tones, sets VantageView apart from the competition, radiating warmth, sophistication, and timeless charm.

Door hanger with VantageView Logo design

The result was a logo with clean, upscale typography and a double "V" entwined with delicate, hand-drawn florals. The mark was designed to be used with or without the floral details but it was meant to be a strong and sophisticated mark.

I'm truly touched by the nod from DesignRush and their generosity in showcasing my design across their channels. This is a small win that fills me with deep gratitude. It's these moments that remind me of the impact of my work and keeps me inspired.

. . .

If you want to explore how I can bring your brand's vision to life, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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