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Branding & Design Statistics for 2022

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Recent statistics and surveys related to branding, design, and human behavior reveal important information that could ultimately lead to a better bottom line for businesses.

Human brains are built to process data visually


The University of Minnesota studies revealed that the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text.

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Color has a significant impact on consumer decisions

(Research Gate)

Studies looking into human behavior revealed between 62 and 90% of consumer decisions are made based on color alone.

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The majority of people will form an opinion about your logo in 10 seconds


The less visual data in your logo the easier it will be to memorize within 10 seconds. The most memorable logos utilize simple shapes and forms.

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Brand consistency can increase revenue by up to 23%


By presenting a brand consistently across all platforms and channels a company can increase its revenue by up to 23%.

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Companies who invest more money in design are 69% more likely to exceed business goals

(Adobe Digital Intelligence)

Research into design revealed that companies looking to stand out from their competition by paying more for professional design were more likely to exceed their business goals.

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Consumers only take 90 seconds to make up their minds to buy from a website

(Research Gate)

According to human behavior studies, consumers only look at websites and content for 90 seconds before making the decision to buy from a business.

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Building consistent design assets is a big challenge for many companies


A study by Venngage found 36.7% of companies consider producing engaging visual assets consistently as their biggest challenge.

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5 to 7 impressions is the average amount of time needed for people to remember your brand

(Pam Moore)

Remembering your company requires repeated and consistent branding. By utilizing various channels and platforms on a regular basis your company can quickly build brand recognition.

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94% of first impressions are design-related

(Research Gate)

Studies reveal that first impressions of a company are related to design and are a good indicator of whether or not to trust a business.

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73% of companies that want to differentiate their brand invest in design

(Adobe Digital Intelligence)

Adobe’s research team discovered that 73% of companies spend money on design to stand out from the competition.

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60% of people say they’re more likely to avoid a brand with a weird or unattractive logo design


According to brand awareness surveys, 60% of people admit they typically avoid companies with weird or unattractive logos even if they have good reviews.

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A customer will spend 6.4 seconds looking at your logo

(Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Missouri University of Science and Technology discovered that the average human focuses their attention on a brand logo for 6.4 seconds when visiting a website.

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