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The Innocent
Brand Archetype

This archetype positions itself as pure, wholesome, and childlike. This archetype is often associated with brands that offer products or services that are simple, natural, and uncomplicated.


Icon art by Krista Cavender 

Pure | Young | Simple | Loyal 

Key Characteristics



Use the following strategy in your marketing communications to connect with your target audience.

Suggested color guide for using color to communicate the brand‘s values and attributes.


Fostering a feel-good spirit displaying a wholesome virtue.


Palette: Bright, Friendly, Approachable

Key Colors: Orange, Yellow, or Green

Pure Leaf | Dove | Seventh Generation

Company Examples

A brand archetype is essentially a shorthand way of communicating the core values, traits, and motivations of a brand. By understanding your brand's archetype, you can craft marketing messages and develop a creative strategy that speaks directly to the psychological needs and desires of your target audience.
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